None happened tonight. Nothing! Well, that’s a lie. I did write the first two pages of a choose your own adventure thing. But it was a spoof, a goof, and will amount to nothing (maybe a handful of dust?). And why? Despite my best intentions, I ended up heading out to a warehouse art party thing. Think models dressed as lampshades, models lounging about in erotic 50’s housewife garb. Indoor swimming pools, wooden rafters, the whole interior of the warehouse divided into faux rooms of different styles and flavors. One of my favorite bands was playing (Nil Lara), a famous artist was painting a canvas live, and there were hundreds of Miami’s beautiful people lounging around, drinking the free rum and cokes and enjoying the night. I’ve only just now come home, leaving my friends who headed to the after party, my mind on the 130 kids I have to teach tomorrow and how awful that Friday would be if I showed up hung over and with only four hours sleep under my belt.

So! No writing. But lots of fun. Which makes that okay? Maybe.