Starting tomorrow I have nine days worth of holidays. This weekend, all of next week, and the following weekend. Nine days in which to do whatever I wish. I have decided that I am going to finish my novel. I recently stalled out on it, stuck at 45,000 words, due to a couple of plot snarls and the fact that one of my three main POV’s was not working. So I ground to a halt, stumped, and finally decided that I would have to extricate that POV, roots and all, and simply excise those 12,000 words and keep on trucking.

Which is very painful. There’s some really good stuff in those pages I’m cutting out, but ultimately the POV is ancillary to the main story; I can remove her and not affect the plot, and that says it all, really. So I’m going to be dropping back down to some 32,000 words, and will give myself the next nine days in which to finish the whole thing.

This attempt is aided by the fact that a) I think I know what happens next, b) I’ve done this kind of speed writing before, and c) I want to finish this book before it grows stale on me.

So watch this space. I’ll post updates. All I have to do is write some 7,000 words/day, and I’ll be golden. Wish me luck.