Hello blog. Coming back here after my hiatus feels like entering a closed warehouse and turning on the lights, flicking each switch one by one on a long bank of them by the door. Lots of things under white sheets, lots of shadows, lots of silence. Since I’ve been gone plenty of things have happened, including a universal shoot down of my last novel, The Grind Show. It went the distance, I’ll give it that–both Howard Morhaim and Neil Gaiman’s agent, Merrilee Heifetz both asked for the full manuscript (or at least, their assistants did), but in the end, caput. Which is all for the best. Grind Show is so 2008.

But now that I no longer am waiting for responses from agents, I feel free to begin moving again, thinking, stirring and dreaming up new plots and characters. I know, I know–I should never have stopped. But writing two novels in under six months, each taking less than a couple of weeks to write resulted in my being invested in them both, and wanting, needing to see what happened next before writing a third. But now I’m in the clear. A rational, logical writer would start editing the second of those two novels and send it out–but I’m looking to do something new.

So, time to crack my knuckles, fire up the boiler deep in the basement of my mind, and see what I can churn out. I’ve already got an idea, something that’s going to require a lot of research, a direction, if you will. So. Let’s see how it goes.