It’s rather awkward to be in the midst of a second draft when you don’t have a title for your novel.

Me: “Good news! I’m finally editing my third novel!”
Random Person Supermarket Checkout Line: “Oh, that’s nice. What’s it called?”
Me: “Um, what’s in a name? Who cares what it’s called! What matters is that I’m finally editing it!”
RPSCL: “Oh. So no name?”
Me: “Well, it was called my ‘Dark Fairy Novel’ for awhile, but that doesn’t really work. Then I tried calling it ‘The Fire Within’ but that’s hopeless. So, guess not, no. No name.”
RPSCL: “Excuse me, I’ve got to go pay for those rutabagas.”

So, no name, but whatever, it’ll come to me. In the meantime, I’m tackling the second draft by giving it all a read through (printed out the manuscript and everything) and annotating it in the margins as I go. Then I’ll rewrite the big chunks (there’s a lot of fixing to be done), and THEN I’ll go through one more time and try to cut out as many adjectives and excessive description as I can. Which could easily be a quarter of what’s there, so I’m a bit nervous about the final result.

But! I anticipate being done in a couple of weeks, and then it’s back to the fun world of querying agents and seeing if anybody bites. High hopes this time round! When I submitted my first novel, Crude Sunlight, I got a couple of agents asking for the first five chapters, but that was it. With Grind Show I had three agents ask for the full manuscript. Therefore, according to MATH, this one stands an exceedingly high chance of being accepted, assuming I’ve maintained my rate of improvement.

High hopes, peoples!

So I’m going to make myself some baked beans on toast, then get in bed with the manuscript and see if I can’t plow through another ten chapters before going to sleep.

Good night, and good luck (to me!).