Hello blogosphere. I’ve been vacillating as to what to work on next, novel-wise, and have decided to do a second draft of my Dark Fae story (I hope to come up with a more compelling title, since the original, ‘Mother Maiden Crone’, had to be dropped for the eventual lack of a Crone figure). I had briefly considered doing a novel recounting the attempts of a mathematician to find an eidolon of his dead wife’s soul in a virtual 3d rendition of a mandelbrot set, and that was after seriously pondering writing a fantasy novel from the point of view of a half-orc underworld boss modeled after Tony Soprano, but I think it’s good housekeeping to finish Dark Fae, send it out, and then and only then move onto the next thing. That, plus several people (hello Kaityn!) seemed to really like it, so hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

Also, it’s possible that I am getting much better with each novel I submit. The first, Crude Sunlight, garnered some positive feedback, and a couple of partials were requested. My second, Grind Show, went much farther, with my favorite agents asking for full manuscripts, all of which were then politely turned down. If this pattern holds (if I have enough data to posit a pattern), my next submission should garner me an agent. So, here’s hoping, fingers crossed, going to get this thing edited and then it’s back to the whole mess of writing… writing… god, what are they called. The letters you–query letters! Yes. God, it’s been awhile.

So, hello blog, it’s me again, got some writing to do, the year is shaping up to potentially have more free time in it than I had before, so why not try my hand at a little writing? Why not indeed.

An oh, happy January 3rd.