Solitude threatens stillness. I have the entirety of Saturday to myself, from waking to slumber, and need not see or interact with anybody if I do not wish it. Grace is departed for the weekend, and thus today I can toil at whichever tasks I wish to direct my energy, distracted only by such pastimes as I wish to engage in, such as the reading of novels or the creating of meals.

However, such solitude is a strange thing. Where I place objects they remain, unmoving, unless I pick them back up once more. I could subside and do nothing for hours on end, and nothing will move about me, only the wind stirring the palm fronds outside my window hinting at life. A white hand towel that lies crumpled on my desk is organic in its folds and curvature; it could have been dropped but a moment ago, but will sit still and as solid as if carved from rock for years if not disturbed.

Still, I plan on being an engine of industry today. There is much work to be done! Toward that end I have begun my day with a strong mug of hazelnut coffee, and plan to now tackle the remaining chapters of The Grind Show. Strangely, the second half of the novel required much greater editing from Amy, such that I have slowed down as I wade through the bog of red marks, marveling at how loose and redundant my language can be. Only twenty chapters to go, however, and then I can declare The Grind Show finally and truly complete.

And just in time! Tomorrow I send the largest email I have ever sent. Before, my record topped out at some twenty or thirty individuals, but tomorrow I shall address some five hundred, names scoured from my contact list and representing friends, family, acquaintances, and a host of others whom I had marginal dealings with in the past. All shall be alerted as to the imminent publishing of The Grind Show, and directed to visit my novel’s webpage where they may read the first few chapters.

That email sent, I shall spend next week working my way through the Byzantine travails of uploading my text to Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Kobo, Smashwords, etc. The plan is to have everything ready to roll by next weekend, upon which my fellow five hundred will receive a second email alerting them to the availability of my novel, and bidding them in most courteous terms to avail themselves of a copy. Ah, marketing!

I also plan on sending out dozens of copies of TGS to book review blogs, and begin a light campaign on Facebook and here on my blog. The switch from author to marketer must prove seamless, but I find myself at a loss: what more can one do to encourage the sales of one’s book? I shall brainstorm, offer prizes, and hope that its own quality will encourage others to refer their friends to my webpage.

But that is not all! After I have done with The Grind Show, I proceed! There are other novels to be written and revised. The Grind Show II must be written, and toward that end I began brainstorming last night, making suitable advances and refinements of theorems propounded years before between my good friend Paul and I. I hope to have it down in a couple of months, during which, should Amy my editor find the cake that I am baking and planning to mail to her to her liking, I shall ask her to review Dark Fae, another novel of mine, and put that up as well.

Grind Show, Dark Fae, Grind Show II. Those will be the first three of my novels available online. Followed, I hope, in short order by Blood From the Mountain, which I hope to revise, expand and improve on thereafter.

That done, I plan to rewrite completely my Miami Vampire novel, and perhaps after a thorough edit release Crude Sunlight as well. Perhaps then the sequel to Blood from the Mountain, followed by an edited One by One. In all, by year’s end, I hope the following to be available for purchase:

1) The Grind Show
2) Dark Fae
3) The Grind Show II
4) Blood from the Mountain
5) Miami Vampire
6) Blood from the Mountain II
7) Grind Show III
8) Crude Sunlight
9) One by One

Ambitious, but fully five of those are already written. Either way, it is something to strive for. And today, in the midst of all this solitude, I have twelve hours in which to commence that striving.

Wish me luck!