Hello dear blog, my friends and confabulators, migliore fabrios et al. I am as my title indicates currently seated within a Starbucks, legs propped up on a faux-marble topped table turned footstool, an empty espresso cup by my side, showered and coiffed, dressed like an adult and with my laptop on my lap. For it is Columbus Day and that means no work, no appointments or obligations but for a 5pm beach date with my grandma.

I’m back from Ohio, where Amy and Jason were married in a truly beautiful ceremony, and I was gifted with a FlipCam by my inestimable friends. This could mean video blogging in the near future, where I upload live reviews of my coughing and stumbling through my thoughts, staring out the window as I try to figure out why I’m recording myself. Grand! Or perhaps just little tidbits here and there as I continue to explore Miami and its environs, FlipCam mounted on my shoulder like some Predator-esque weapon. GRAND.

I think I might start writing my novel today.

But let’s not talk about that, all eyes averted, look out the window and man, what a huge helping of glorious sunshine. Everything is blanched and bright and there are just so many palm trees on this street. Palm trees and orange construction barrels. Biscayne Blvd, if you don’t know, has been under construction for over 85 years, and looks like it will continue to be so for at least another 85. They’re slowly tearing everything up as they creep down its length and then putting everything back. I hope they’re improving things and it’s all not simply some pork barrel project for a local politician, because in Miami you never know.

I think I might try writing the beginning bit of the first part of Chapter 1 today. You know, sit down at a table with my laptop open to a brand new Word document, write a working title at the top, and then Chapter 1 below it, and then stare at the screen for a few minutes before getting up to fix myself a mug of tea. Then wander back and look at the screen some more before opening up my ‘Thoughts’ file which I’ll then scan listlessly for a while, reviewing notes and outline before closing it once more and staring for a few more minutes.

I’ll probably then write a couple of sentences, delete them, start drinking my tea which will have cooled down by then. Look out the window some more, and then begin searching for the perfect song on iTunes to write to. Finish my tea, take it to the sink, come back, big sigh, write a few sentences, and then stop so as to research the inside of passenger trains, or maybe try to find some photographs of the border station on the US/Mexican border. Hum and haw and write a few more sentences, delete them, stand up and call it a wrap.


Or maybe I’ll actually hammer out a few pages, and that will be that, the beginning of Chapter 1, here we go, hip hip ho, don’t look back or your inner editor will make you delete everything you just wrote.

You guys know about the inner editor, right? The only way to write is to get him drunk or brick him up in a basement alcove and leave him in there, jingling his jester bells and laughing brokenly to himself.

Ok. This Starbucks visit has run its course. I’m going to head home. Set that laptop on that windowside table, make myself a mug of tea, and see how Chapter 1 goes.

Wish me luck.