First off, welcome to the new blog look. The old one had grown too old, the colors dense, the columns narrow, and like long hair it was holding too many memories. Memories of past dreams, desire, goals and aspirations. By simply changing it to this new, updated, simpler and cleaner look, I’ve shorn it all off. Starting fresh, starting anew; beginning a new phase, a new novel.

I also spent the evening cleaning house; scrubbing down the counters in the kitchen, storing things in more innovative and logical ways, going through old mail, taking old novels from where they’d accumulated like dust bunnies and placing them on shelves. Imposing order on my cottage, so as to gain some mental clarity through the process.

For in three weeks I am going to transition into a full time freelance writer. That’s right boys and boysenberries, in three weeks I eschew the office forevermore, or at least for as long as the freelancing gig pays its way. No longer will I be geographically constrained, chained to a desk from 9 to 6; instead I’ll be free to write where and when I will. It’s a huge step in my writing life, a gamble, a stab at making a dream reality. I’m confident that I’ll be able to make it, but we all know how fickle the winds of fortune can be, so check back in a few months for now to see if plans are playing out as hoped.

But, ah, fickle fate be damned! This is a wild opportunity to set my own rhythms, to live by my own compass, to dare to achieve that which I’d only daydreamed about before. For with flexibility comes the potential to accomplish more. My new novel, for one, now takes center stage, and I should be able to dedicate several hours a day to it when I am feeling at my most electric. I’ll be able to work my way through the works of the directors I’ve longed to grow more acquainted with (Pagnol, Renoir, Lang, Vigo, Rossellini, Dreyer, Ophnls, Fellini, Bergman, Kurosawa, Mizoguchi, and Ozu). I’ll be able to read read read with mad orgiastic abandon, devouring several novels a week (probably while lying on the beach) and exercise and cook and and and – !

If I let myself, my excitement swells till I threaten to explode. So I express myself in subtle ways. A new look for the blog. Clean counters in the kitchen. And the knowledge that in three weeks, I begin an incredibly exciting chapter in my life.