Words typed since last: 7,121

Neither timed nor closely monitored, I’ve written about a huge burst of words these past two days. That idea triggered Chapter 8 in one huge burst, and I wrote last night till I was too sleepy to do the writing justice. Finished Chapter 8 today, and then, after a moment mulling the Crone, tore through Chapter 9 with equal abandon. Well, not true; the first third of Chapter 9 was difficult to produce; I played some three games of Spider Solitaire as I struggled through it. But then I began playing Led Zepplin’s Kashmir, and it was all gravy.

I don’t know how this novel ends, I barely know how the middle goes. But following Stephen King’s advice, I’m simply following the characters as they trek onwards, motivated by their own personal idiosyncrasies and desires. Hopefully they’ll all tie together and form a perfectly constructed novel. If not? I’ll have had fun writing it.

I’m at about 37,000 words, which is a little under half of the length of my previous two novels. Both of which came out at around 87,000 words. This one, however, is going to be longer. 120,000, perhaps? Who knows! But if I keep churning out words at roughly 2,000 a day, I’ll be able to check back in here in about two months and let you guys know.