Words typed: 2600
Ease of Writing: 4/8
Quality of Writing: 8

I’ve been brainstorming like a mine worker on crack, blasting away at dead rock and searching for the veins of living ore. Two days of intense note taking, ruminating, brainstorming and conjecturing. Finally, at long last, I think I know where this book is going to go. It’s like a whole bunch of people have been working to build a barn, and up until this point all the sides and pieces have been lying flat on the ground. And then, with a great cry and heaving of ropes, the walls go up, the cross beams get locked in place, and suddenly you can see the building for what it is. Hip hip! I wrote what I think is my favorite chapter thus far today (though there’s some stiff competition in there), and am now half way through Chapter 10. I still don’t know how long this thing is going to come out at, but it still promises to be much longer than my previous two. 120,000 words! Perhaps. But what matters is that I’m having fun, its coming out at a steady clip, and now I finally know what I’m up to.

More, I should imagine, tomorrow.