Words typed: 3211
Time taken: forgot to time it
Ease of writing (1 being excruciating, 10 being a gift from the muse): 8
Quality of writing (1 being drivel, 10 being sheer poesy): 6

My writing of late has been hovering around the ‘6’ mark, which means it lacks arresting similes, beautiful turns of phrase, and rather gets on with the story, moves it forward, keeps things ticking. Utilitarian, perhaps, might be the right word, functional. As such, though I’m hoping it keeps a fast pace and the reader’s butt in the chair, I’m not elevating it to the 7+ area where writing I delight in writing goes. Still, I hope the quality of the plot and story and characters keeps things interesting regardless. Also, almost at 30,000 words. Which means 1/3 done!