I’m pushing myself. Seeing if I can rise to this fairly ridiculous challenge I’ve set myself. I’m waking up each morning at about 7am and writing till about 9:30, and then finding another couple of hours in the afternoon or evening to write some more. Today’s Day #4, and I’ve met my morning quote. I’m heading into Northampton this afternoon, and will have to try and steal a few hours in a cafe to get the rest done.

For those of you who have been with me for awhile, you might recall my First Million Words challenge from early last year. That lasted for about three months, ultimately being derailed by a family tragedy and my own inevitable burnout. I did write three novels in three months, however, and have gone on to publish one of them to some success.

This challenge is a little different. It’s going to last but 30 days. Since it is fairly ridiculous, I’m going to keep quiet about what it involves until I at least accomplish the first third. Which should be on Friday the 27th.

Suffice to say that I’m revisiting an old project from a few years back, have had to bring out my ergonomic keyboard to keep my wrists healthy, and that the words are flowing like the Amazon river after a continent spanning deluge. Here’s hoping the magic lasts a little longer.