Words typed: 0

However, instead of writing I sat and pondered. Idly tapped my fingers on the edge of my keyboard, wrote out my thoughts, and tried to figure out what happens next. Because I’m about 30,000 words in, and still have no idea as to where the story is going. What the plot is, even in broad, vague strokes. How do the three characters come together? What is the unifying thread? The center of gravity? Sitting and tapping and musing and squinting, I suddenly had an idea. It came from idle, associative thought. Word play, actually, which upon further Wikipedian investigation bore fruit. Excited, I read on, clicked into sub-articles, and now, well. I don’t know if I’ll go that route, but I like it, I like the possibilities, the potential. So, though no words were written, a potential leap was made, a dart thrown in the dark which hit the board. If not the bull’s eye, then the 25 point mark.

So now to mull and muse further, to squint at the wall as I figure out the ramifications of these ideas, try them on for size, let them simmer and soak. Tomorrow I’ll pick the story back up, guided now by this novel idea, and see if it takes me where I wish to go.