Cool words are hot. They make you look hot when you use them appropriately, when you slide them into conversation so perfectly that upon reflection, your conversational partner realizes that there was no other word more suitable, simpler or perfect for the sentiment you were trying to express.

We all know wankers who say micturate instead of piss, and we all enjoy gathering into a howling mob wielding Armani pitchforks and designer torches so as to drive them crying from the crenelated walls of their ivory towers. Yet, occasionally, you run into somebody who consistently busts out words like ‘circumnavigated’ in such a perfect manner that you think to yourself, ‘Wow. I’d love to get in their pants’. That is the person I strive to be, but have thus far failed to become.

So I’ve decided to start an assault, a D-Day of sorts, on the world’s vocabulary. It will be a private, personal vendetta (as private as any blog post can be), and will attack complicated words with verve (what does verve mean?)

Today’s word is tendentious. Which this post is. It means to be biased, to have a position, an argument (complex words are bad unless used right). How is that different from a polemic? One’s an adjective, the other is a noun. Let me check on that. Ok, not quite. A polemic is a controversial argument, something that argues contra. So polemic’s are by definition tendentious, but not all tendentious arguments are polemics, in that you can make a tendentious argument in favor of the status quo.

Man. Words. Complicated.