You’ve got Robert Kirman’s Walking Dead combined with music by eels. What could be more perfect? And yes Paul, I’m looking at you. Damn. I might actually watch the show now due to how much this trailer has pumped me up!

THE WALKING DEAD “Opening Titles” from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

Walking Dead, for those who don’t know, is an ongoing and truly epic zombie apocolypse graphic novel written by Robert Kirkman. It does what all great zombie stories do which is to focus on the characters, and how the zombie apoc. acts as the ultimate crucible in which their greatest strengths and weaknesses are revealed. Think the first third of Steven King’s The Stand, think of the best part of any zombie film you’ve watched, then throw in some excellent, believable characters and all the gruesomeness that zombies convey, and whammo, you got Walking Dead.

You owe it to yourself to read the comic book novels. And now it looks like we’re all going to get a chance to watch the damn thing on TV. Take that, True Blood.