You can see them in my right menu column: three bars that will track my progress as I attempt to write all three vampire novels by October 1st.

These are to be first drafts. Book 1 is finished. I’m about to begin Book 2, and tonight I finally figured out the last few plot problems and fleshed out the cast. I’m ready to go. Book 3? No clue beyond a one paragraph summary, but I’ll make it up when I get there.

Once I finish the first drafts, I plan to spend October editing and rewriting all three novels. Going back and adding foreshadowing, finessing, correcting, pulling everything into one cohesive whole. Then I send them all to my editor, who will have them back to me by the end of November. I’ll take a couple of weeks to work on her edits(!) and will then upload the whole trilogy to Amazon in time for Christmas.

That’s the plan. It’s faintly ridiculous, but I’ve got a good feeling. I think I can do this, and I’m going to track my progress as I go. As always, wish me luck.