I’ve been writing so intensely of late that I almost forgot to put my Kickstarter project together. The goal behind it is to help fund my hiring a professional editor and cover artist to really take my trilogy to the next level, and a week ago I looked up from my manuscript, blinked blearily at the calendar, and realized I had only seven days to put the whole project together.
It proved incredibly hard to do. I tried filming take after take and each time I choked up. My voice became wooden, my expression pained, and each shot was awful. My rewards were ready, the editor and artist were signed up, everything was prepared except for my video. And I couldn’t shoot it. I couldn’t put it together.
Cue the panic.

So I wrote my best friends. I told them upfront about my crisis, and asked them for help. They each wrote back with the kind of advice that only people who have known you for ages can give, and they talked me off the ledge and back into the land of cool, calm, collected reality. I took a deep breath. I figured out a new approach. And today, I filmed the video.

I’m going to fine tune it tomorrow, but my Kickstarter project to help fund the release of my vampire trilogy is slated to kick off as planned this Saturday on September 15th, and run clear through to the 16th of October. 
I’m excited, I’m terrified, I’m filled with hope and tortured by moments of doubt. This is the first step in taking my trilogy out into the public, and after so much hard work, I can only hope people love it as much as I do.
Thanks for the support, guys!