So my recent spate of YA novels has encouraged my desire to try my hand at one. ‘Whoa there buddy, it ain’t that easy’ I hear you say, and trust me, buddy, I know. These books are not only running on high octane imagination, but are incredibly well written, powerful and fun. Plus they have the world’s most honest critics: kids. If a kid doesn’t like your book, they’ll drop it in an instant and never look back. Unless you bribe them with chocolate, and then only until you leave the room.

But still, I’m taking an old idea that I developed back when I worked at Penguin, and running with it. At least, I was until I finished Hunger Games, and realized just how high the bar has been set these days. I sat back, flummoxed after finished, and thought: ‘Hot damn. My idea doesn’t have enough KAPOW in it to compete.’

So this weekend I thought in coffee shops, I thought on my couch, I thought while driving and thought while walking around, and came up with a method that will allow me to boot kick the idea up into the stratosphere. Suddenly it all clicked, and like a released waterfall, ideas began to develop, spawned in turn by each logically deduced conclusion, until, like the most fabulous magician’s trick, a whole setting and plot had sprung up into being about me.

And last night, after figuring out another five or six facets, I sat back, and thought, ‘Hot diggity damn. This could be good. But what’s better, it’s going to be fun.’

And trust me folks and folksies, FUN = GOOD.

At least, I think so. The cops often tend to disagree.

So I think I’ll get to writing the new novel this week. Going to iron out a few more ideas, and then get to work. First new novel I write since… 2009.

Fingers crossed, yo. Fingers crossed.