From Meg’s blog, lying for a living:

When rewriting a first draft, find ways to increase tension and suspense. This does not just refer to tension and suspense in the author’s life, as in, Oh, God, will I actually finish this rewrite by the deadline? That kind of tension can only be assuaged by long days at the keyboard and occasional infusions of Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m talking about tension and suspense on the page.

To quote Sol Stein, suspense means arousing the reader’s curiosity and keeping it aroused as long as possible. To do this, put characters in danger. Or create confrontations. Or indicate that a secret lies hidden in the story. And then, do NOT remove the danger. If the confrontation occurs, make it worse than seemed possible. Hold off on revealing the secret. Give hints, but make the readers keep going as long as possible before you resolve the conflict, beat the danger, find out what’s so devastating.

See, now this is the kind of advice that helps…