I’ve fallen massively behind my required word count. The days have been ticking by and the words are not getting written. I’ve not had time to blog, to work on Blood from the Mountain, to even edit the Grind Show. So here’s a quick explanation why, because it’s not been due to a lack of desire.

First, the trip to England. Eight days to see my ailing grandmother, traveling and doing my best to write each dawn. That set me back some 15k. I then returned to the US, and put in a few good days work before leaving again for the weekend for a friend’s 30th birthday. Lost another couple of days there on the road. Then, just when things seemed about to settle down, my girlfriend’s father was rushed to the hospital for a quadruple bypass, and everything has been placed on hold since then.

I’m in the waiting room outside the ICU right now. Trying to keep up with my freelance work. I’ve had a night or two of editing the Grind Show, but there’s not been the time, focus or energy to do much else.

Luckily Grace’s dad is doing great, or as well as anybody can after having their chest split open. We’re going to be spending the rest of the week here at the hospital with him, and I’ll probably only be leaving to head into the office for my part time job. What time I do have here in the waiting room will be split between work and editing for the most part, since I’m too distracted and interrupted to do much writing.

So. While the word production may have dropped, the desire is still there. As a famous Carpathian once said, time is but a window, death is but a door, I’ll be back.