5AM in the bloody morning and I’m just now going to bed. I’ve already been in it once, lying there with my sheets pulled up to my chin, eyes closed and pretending to sleep, but damn it if I couldn’t stop thinking. Working out the end of Chapter 11. I lay there and lines of dialogue were just incandescing in my head. I lay there for about ten minutes, working through the scene, and then tossed off the sheets and fell into my chair before my computer. Booted it up. Opened my file. And started writing.

I’ve finished Chapter 11.

I’ve finished the damn thing, and now it’s 5 in the morning and I’m going to be paying big time tomorrow. But it’s worth it. Oh God is it worth it. I’ll be a zombie, I’ll stumble through my day, but I’m that much closer to the end. Chapter 12. The climax. This is it, the big chapter, the resolution. Perhaps there will be a Chapter 13 after, the denouement, but I’m not sure. I’m close though. A couple more days, and I’ll be done.

Alright. Time to hit the sack. To hit the sack, and stay put.