I’m not against world building but it’s got to have a beat and you got to be able to dance to it. I don’t want none of the same old same old. I don’t want me no frigid wastes up north spewing forth evil into sunnier climes. I don’t want Mongol hordes by any other name raging up against the walls of civilization. Spare me the old hoary wizards spouting wisdom to young heroes in their backyard village towns.

What I want is something strange, a little fey, a little rough around the edges. I want juxtapositions that don’t make sense, at least not at first, but then get all glorious on you when you step back and squint with one eye closed. Give me some thought, some permutations, give me a little rock and roll, a little attitude and sassafras. Take me by the hand and lead me places I ain’t never been before. If you’re going to build me a world, make it worth the visiting.