Google Analytics allows you to pull up all sorts of crazy data. Most of it, in my case, is mildly depressing, especially when you consider that sites like Neil Gaiman’s and Jon Scalzi’s are pulling in hundreds of millions of hits per day. Gazillions! Ah well. They’re also famous, rock-star-esque published authors, with tons of fascinating things to say, but other than that there’s practically no difference between their blogs and mine.

So, looking at January, let’s see how my blog did:

544 Visits
Average time spent on site: 34 seconds.
73% new visits
Most/Least visitors in one day: 24 (Jan 17th)/8 (Jan 2nd)
Current Technorati Rank: 1,644,723

So. The moral of this story is: that perhaps these stats apply to an ambiguous man? (Hmm. Let me look up another moral from Aesop’s Fables: These stats are a lesson to all fools? Or… Thus some men, in the hope of high traffic, submit to dangerous work but lose it before having obtained the object of their desires. Thanks, Aesop!)