Writing this fast can feel like driving 90 mph down dark country roads without a map. Often you roar right past your turn, only catching sight of it out of the corner of your eye as you zoom past, slamming on the breaks several pages too late and realizing that you have to go back and make changes.

That’s what happened today. I had Tharok wake up, and reflect, “Man, I should have done several things differently last night. Now I’ve made these mistakes, these enemies have escaped, I’ve lost credibility with my new Tribe, and as a result some 25% of them slipped away with my enemies during the course of the night. Rats.”

Then I paused, stared at the words, and sighed. And went back to the night before, and had him summon his enemies and behead them, assert himself properly and avoid making that mistake altogether. Which meant deletions and rewrites before forging on ahead once more.

Also, I’m inventing social norms as I go. So now the orcs are divided in the ancient Mongol fashion into ‘white bone’ lineages and ‘black bone’ lineages, denoting nobility or common blood. They have honorifics which I’ve invented, inspired by the roleplaying game of Werewolf, and have suddenly believe that an orc’s odor is part of his spirit, and thus another orc’s hut needs to be well ventilated so that the absent orc won’t ‘haunt’ the hut’s new owner.

All stuff that I’d have to go back and reinsert into the previous chapters in an edit.

But on I go, free wheeling and as fast as I can. I broke 100,000 words today, which mean’s I’m already 1/10th of the way there, and am past the 20,000 word mark for Blood From the Mountain, which means I’m 1/4 done with the novel.

Hip hip?