One minute I’m modelling the aristocracy after the Japanese Heian Court of the 10th century, the next I’ve swept all those nobles with their silk kimonos, poetry contests and religious ceremonies off the table and replaced them with 1930’s Stalinist Russia, replete with 5 Year Plans and grim faced revolutionaries.

One minute I’m modeling the structure after a 16 piece television show, the next I’ve smashed it altogether into a proposed 700 page novel.

I’m dying to get my hands on a $150 Mining Ventilation and Air Conditioning text book. I’m about to start re-reading Gene Wolfe’s BOOK OF THE NEW SUN to see how he did it (ha! wish me luck). I’m pondering the nature of Big Brother from 1984, I’m wondering: orcs or trogs? I’m creating Ministries not of Truth and Plenty but Water, Light, and Air.

Nothing is fixed, nothing is yet set in stone. Everything is broiling and roiling and fomenting and gestating. How it’s going to look when it all settles down, I’ve no idea, but here’s hoping I don’t get lost in the process.