New goal that came about after a conversation with my friend, Jessica. To write a novel in a month, averaging about 3,000 words a day. I kicked it off last night with 4,000 words, a solid start, and nailed down the first chapter. Except, after I sat back and began to reread what I’d written I noticed that I’d also failed; my goal had been to write an ‘Urban Fantasy’ novel, and instead I’d begun to write another horror story.

What’s Urban Fantasy? It’s wry, snarky, involves vampires or werewolves or the like and takes place in a recognizable city. So a wise-cracking detective hunting werewolves while dealing with girlfriend problems would be Urban Fantasy. A… psychic paramedic tracing vampires with half a death wish and an overt fondness for John Woo movies would be Urban Fantasy. Grind Show, which I started last night, isn’t.

For one, the protagonist isn’t wise-cracking and wry. He’s a tortured sixteen year old who can see demons following his escape from a sacrificial ritual that tore the ‘Veil’ from his eyes. Think John Connor on the run, with more booze. He’s tracked a demon down to its lair in a ghost town an hour south of Reno, where it’s brought its latest victim, and there surprises it and hunts it down amongst the abandoned buildings at night. So–intense, maybe, and spooky I hope, but Urban Fantasy? Most likely not.

Ah well! Perhaps it’s just in my blood to write horror. I’ll keep working at it, and by my count should have a novel by March 25th. I’ll have to figure out what happens chapter by chapter, and hopefully the whole damn thing will remain coherent and cogent. If not, at least it’ll be good practice.

So wish me luck!