I’m in New York, and it’s not that cold out. I know! Shocking. So we’re going to head out, maybe eat some Ethiopian food, maybe head up north to The Cloisters to ‘check them out’, in the parlance of our times.

So! The upshot is that updates to mine blog shall be sporadic this weekend, since I only return to the shores of Miami on Monday evening. I’ll try and post something or other while I’m up here, but please forgive the echoing silence that might reign in these halls.

Oh, last night at a bar, I was re-introduced to a bearded man who had hosted a Halloween party I attended half a decade ago and had been dressed like a pirate. I asked him, “So, are you still a pirate at heart?” He looked at me with a stony gaze and said, “No. Pirates are immoral, violent people who are unable to lead a healthy life and just prey off the innocent.” I was about to laugh until I saw that he was deadly, earnestly serious. So instead I smiled nervously, and quickly sidled away.