Still not comfortable with this one. Tendentious is more than to have an argument; all arguments are tendentious, I’d assume, because they all propone a position or bias. Thus, tendentious would be better suited toward letters, speeches, attitudes. Anything capable of bias.

A tendentious letter, a tendentious character, tendentious genealogies?

“It is, however, interesting to see specific examples of the tendentious and virtuoso juridical reasonings of empire.”

“Finally, you give the impression that the mission of the proposed Friedman Institute is tendentious.”

“A few moments on-line nets plenty of articles with titles such as “The Sacred Muslim Practice of Beheading”, and “Muslim Beheaders” explaining by tendentious theology how such acts are “sacred jihad practices”.”

“Censoring library materials in the view of “protecting children,” as your mantra seems to be, is invidious and tendentious and flat-out wrong.”