In this age of electronic correspondance, missives are shot off without thought, without revision, and increasingly, with little to no formality of address. I find myself feeling antiquated when I begin an email with, ‘Dear so-and-so’ and signing off at the end. The responses seem terse, almost curt, beginning directly with the message and ending suddenly with a period. Were it not for the occasional length, they would read like telegrams. I respond in my anachronistic manner, feeling increasingly as if I am putting on airs; why not adapt, evolve, and write as the others do? When speaking over IM, I punctuate, I write proper sentances, I even capitalize my first letter. A typical exchange:

Me: Hello, Tom. How are things with you?
Tom: good lol u?
Me: I’m doing alright. A little worried about how much like a three year old you sound.
Tom: LOL funny i know whats up dinner 2nite?
Me: Sure. I like my baby food banana flavored.

I don’t think I could degrade my epistolary habits to the commonly accepted electronic levels, but it does prompt me to wonder if other writing snobs were similarly dismayed by the advent of the telegraph?