First day of the holidays, and I’ve done my level best to make it productive. Awoke, sans alarm clock, at 9.30am (which, for me, is bizarre and surreal). Then, before I could rue the decision, I went for a walk/run along the Miami waterfront. The ocean was at low tide, and ridges of dark rock and porous boulders ragged with seaweed were visible a foot or two below the undulating surface. At one point I stopped and stared at a huge fish that was ponderously navigating with ridiculously small fins about a rock, disappearing and reappearing from under an overhang. It was shaped like a tear drop, dotted like a cheetah, and as long as my arm, huge and bloated and looking like a vast pufferfish without the spines.

Arrived home, and hit up Spicy Green Iguana, the one-stop shopping center for webzines and print magazines that publish speculative fiction. I sent off two stories, conscientiously marked down the date, the destination, and which stories, and then spent another hour or so trawling through my writing folder, opening and skimming old tales, wondering which I could send off. Nothing particularly leapt out at me. Ah well. Hopefully I’ll get some good news in a month or so.

With fifteen days of break before me, I’ve resolved to either finish UNREAL CITY (which I stopped writing at 45,000 words), write the second draft of THE GRIND SHOW, or, in typical me fashion, write something completely new. Either way, I’m going to use this holiday as an opportunity to get some serious work done. And also make another go at landing an agent!

So, wish me well, and hopefully I’ll have some good news to report soon.