I am lying in bed with the lights off and a chill air breathing into my room through my window and I have just finished writing the Rectory scene that I had been despairing of ever nailing. How to make Timmons not sound like a Bond villain, to not have him go on and on? How to make him scary and yet have him converse, and in conversing become a known entity, and in becoming known losing his mystery and aura of fear? I won’t tell you how I did it, but it involved cutting large chunks of the previous dialogue, the insertion of new stuff, and a certain amount of late night luck (I read some excerpts from Paradise Lost for the tone, thought on Pinhead for his cold and slithering style, and remembered the grotesque fear of coming face to face with The Butcher on the second level of Diablo. And then closed my eyes and let it all coalesce into what I wanted Father Timmons to be.)

And then I wrote it. This was one of the major hurdles. Not because it required a lot of writing, but rather because it required my nailing it, getting it exactly right. I don’t know how close I got, but it feels damned close, it reads well, it scares me, and so I’ll take it and move on, enjoying this sense of relief and quiet victory for as long as I can.

Go Father Timmons!