A list of important books and where Mr. Biblioklep was when he read them.

I’ve not read most of them.

But here’s my version:

List with No Name #29


  1. V., not read.
  2. The Road, I was in… *this is me squinting at where the wall meets the ceiling* New York? A certain Lucy from Booksprice.com sent me a free copy. I read it in about one sitting, I think.
  3. Infinite Jest, an excellent friend recommended this. I bought a virtual version for my kindle, and have tried to read it twice, petering out a 1/3rd of the way through the second time. I fully intend to pick it back up, because it’s brilliant. It’s just… sort of exhaustingly brilliant, like how talking to a friend that’s strung out can be after the third hour.
  4. Un Bel Morir, not only ain’t I read this, I’ve never heard of it either.
  5. As I Lay Dying, college, so most likely on a green plastic mattress. Always struck by the dude in the beginning who just walks straight through a house.
  6. 2666. never heard of this one either, but now I really want to read it.
  7. Angels, does he mean the Billy Graham book? Never read it.
  8. Cat’s Cradle, shoot, I read all my Vonnegut back in high school, now I remember nary a word.
  9. The Once and Future King, high school again, but now all I can remember is Merlin aging backwards and Arthur as a fish. There might have been more to it.
  10.  Ulysses, this book annoyed the hell out of me in college. Take all your overwhelming genius, Mr. Joyce, and jump in a lake. I mean, it was pretty good, OK.