It’s been a long week. There were times that the hospital began to feel eerily familiar. I knew the twisting path through the Emergency Room halls to get to the main building by heart, and would walk faster than the security escort to make my way through it. I discovered a secret place to park on the hospital grounds that’s free. I’ve grown to appreciate the extensive salad bar in the cafeteria, and have spent god knows how many hours hunched in chairs in different waiting rooms passing the long hours as the days crawled by.

These periods were broken by my three hour stints at my part time job, where suddenly things seemed made distant and unimportant by recent events and my own fatigue.

Last night Grace and I got home late, and too tired to do anything else and needing the boost we both ordered two flank steaks to be delivered to our home. We sat on the couch and gorged on beef and man if red meat doesn’t ground you and make you feel more solid and real.

Today has been the first day I don’t spend at the hospital. I’ve had the morning to myself, Grace having returned to school, and I’m glad to say that this is made possible by her dad’s continual recovery and the presence of other family members at the hospital. With my time I have made a delicious butternut squash soup, have spent some few hours playing with and editing The Grind Show, and though I got a full night’s sleep, I am yet tired and worn out.

Writing 2,740 words per day seems an impossible task right now. Despite having fallen a week or so behind, and amassing some 25,000 words worth of debt, I can simply recalculate my daily average. Were I to being writing solidly tomorrow, I would need to only write 2,860 words per day to still reach my goal. So FMW isn’t over; it’s merely in need of an adjustment.

So that’s where I stand. Tomorrow I think I should be sufficiently rested to resume my regular activities. Finish BftM, finish editing The Grind Show (only a quarter left to go), and then ePub it.

I’ve also been working with my friends to begin an online video conferencing roleplaying game. We used to play together in high school, but geographic challenges have prevented us from playing regularly ever since. Technology, however, may soon resolve those difficulties. We’ll be playing twice a month via and I’ll be running the game. I’ve created a webpage for our campaign here, and planning for all this has been a welcome distraction from the daily grind of the week.

In exciting news, my friend Paul has been sending me samples of The Grind Show as it will sound as an audio book, and it’s hard to describe the strange and surreal pleasure I experienced listening to my work so smoothly and professionally read. Made it sound just like a real audio book, which is the whole point of going to a professional, I suppose.

So yes. I am alive, if worn out, and about ready to get back on track. I am not going to quit FMW, but for now I am gazing no further than finishing Blood from the Mountain.