Quiet day today. The skies outside are subdued. The kind of day when one should brew a mug of tea and read something by Camus or Satre while seated in an overstuffed armchair. Ponder the war in Iraq, or try to sketch some things in charcoal. Instead I played video games with Mark, both of us staring intently at the television screen, occasionally making terse remarks along the lines of, “Left flank. Left flank!” or “Ooh, did that feel good? Did you like that?”

I did brew some tea though, and then sat down to write some Grind Show. Hammered out about 3,000 words, and am now going to take a break. I’m trying to hold to a certain voice, and occasionally I feel it slip, feel it grow darker in tone or too verbose. So I’m going to take a break, brew some more tea, read some more Jim Butcher (doing research), and come back to it later.

Here’s a great music video that Feist just released. Feist makes fascinating music videos–they’re modest in production values, but are characterized by their eccentricity and uniqueness. Remind me a lot of OK Go’s videos. Anyways, watch the below, and enjoy:

And here’s OK Go’s infamous Here It Goes Again video: