Or, more importantly, how does one go about doing social media ‘correctly’? There are far too many blogs, twitter accounts, etc that are totally ignored by the rest of the internet. Too many people tweeting links and updates on their daily activities that nobody reads, hundreds of thousands of blogs written about novels, travels, opinions and cats that are routinely ignored. How do you pull it altogether, how do you create a functioning social media network that’s interesting to other people?

Well, I think the first trick is to be interesting. That helps a lot. Be different, be opinionated, be controversial and humorous. Right there you’re in the running, with people most likely to come back and check you out because you’re fun to watch.
Barring that, have good insider info on something. Maybe you work in an industry that others are curious about, and can dish on what it’s like from the inside.
That’s like either having a strong voice or excellent plot when writing a novel. You need one of those, but to then put it altogether, you need to know how to write.
So how does one use social media?
I’m trying to figure this out loud, so bear with me, or quit reading if you’re bored already. Just ruminating here, because I think I’ve got it about 35% right. Clearly, I need improvement.
You need active Facebook/Twitter/Blog accounts, and if possible should be uploading pictures to either Twitpics or Facebook on an active basis. Your blog too, probably. Video blogging – tricky. 
What should be tweeted, what should go on your Facebook update, and what should be blogged? Should one just have Twitter post your tweets automatically to Facebook? Is that rank laziness? Ideally one’s phone should be set-up to facilitate all this. Mine isn’t. Or, more accurately, it kind of is, but mostly I ignore that functionality.