Just got back from bowling with a group of atheists. Not that they yelled things like, “There is no God!” every time they rolled, but rather that that was the underlying common characteristic that united us all. And it was really fun! In fact, we didn’t talk about religion or ethics and philosophy at all; rather we just cheered each other on as we rolled either strikes or gutter balls, talked about what we do (most of them were either doctors or psychiatrists), and just… well, hung out and bowled.

But it was strangely and subtly cool to hang out with a group of people who share my world view, even if it wasn’t stated. To feel a bond that linked everybody together, not just a couple of the individuals in the crowd. I don’t really get to experience that much, given that I don’t strongly identify with any particular nationality, ethnicity or common religious belief. As such, I’ve always regarded myself as an individual within a crowd, connected by social class, perhaps, but never anything more personal than that. And so to just hang out with twelve people or so who were all on the same page in terms of personal philosophy and belief?

Disconcertingly cool.