So I’m your only friend but I’m not your only friend but really –

So I’ve decided upon a course of action. Waffling is for pigs, grunting their way through countless apple orchards in search of the most delectable of black truffles. I shall await a month to write Grind Show II, given that I need to finish editing the first novel. I’ll hold off on the second novel in the Blood from the Mountain series, and instead write something completely new.

Back in 2008 I worked at Penguin USA in NYC. I was friends with a couple of editors who worked for Roc/Ace, and they complained in a desultory manner each evening over beers as to the awful nature of the slush pile. I cunningly decided to submit something bizarre, outre and fantastic under a pseudonym, a tale of a fallen angel who goes into hiding in Camden, NJ, where he falls in love with a waitress with a literal heart of nails who’s malediction befell her as a result of becoming addicted to a drug distributed by Baba Yaga. There was going to be a brothel run by a medusa, a protection racket run by 17 Wandering Jews, and an utterly barking mad Saint on the loose.

So, I was considering that idea, and then it hit me. I can take it, switch it up, invert it, convert it. Set it in a world that follows the dictums and truths of Gnosticism, such that the world is indeed an evil place, the creation of Ialdabaoth the demiurge, son of Sofia (Wisdom), who fashioned him in a vain attempt at creation separate from the true Divine Being who rules in the Pleroma. I’ll take a cue from the secret Apocryphon of John as discovered in the Nag Hammadi scrolls.

I’m going to call it Samsāra Bastard, and it will feature a fallen angel that’s part John Constantine, part Wolverine, and he’ll eventually have to go up against the Hebdomad of fallen Archons in order to fight his way back into the Pleroma (this being of course the beginning of an eight part series), fending off the forces of Satan and other angelic hitman who are trying to collect on his bounty.

Sound awesome? If you’re confused, just think of Caballeros Del Zodiaco, and you should be set straight!