So my daily writing allotment came up short today, only about 2,100 words, forcing me to dig into the extra I had accumulated by exceeding the requirement these past few days. It wasn’t good writing–well, the writing itself was fine, but it was like being aboard a ship when the wind dies, and the sails flap down, and everything just sits and the ocean is becalmed and not a wave anywhere to be seen, and the lone albatross that has been haunting the ship being forced to land on the crow’s nest.

I’ve got about 30,000 words to go, a full third, and my mind is taken by the next novel. This is not good. Especially because I didn’t have a plot outline that I was following to guide me. With my enthusiasm at an ebb, I have my characters sort of wandering around, listening to other people speak. Can’t have that, as entertaining as other people can be; I need to galvanize things so that the final third rises to some sort of emotional or physical crescendo.

So: final third of One by One. There needs to be a drawing together of elements and plots. Not that it has to go out with a bang instead of a whimper. Hmm. I don’t know if I should muse out loud here about what’s going to happen next–doesn’t seem fair to suddenly bust out my thoughts when I’ve been silent all along. So I’ll jump over to Word and do some brainstorming there. Ten days left to finish this one. Can’t lose steam now!

But that book on Genghis Khan is just calling my name…