I am a great T-Rex stomping all over a model British village! See that cottage with the miniature garden? *STOMP* it’s gone, demolished, shattered beneath my scaly green heel! Especially if it was a metaphor for this scene in which Thomas and Julia peruse a long lost but recently rediscovered diary of a 19th century clergyman! See that brothel done up in purples and gold? *STOMP* Haha! So much for you, scene in which a previously chaste seduction attempt gone awry has suddenly become incredibly more licentious and effective in nature!

My novel is spread out below me like a perfect little town, and I am the wrecking crew, the Godzilla come to run amok, the rain of meteors that lash down out of the stratosphere burning cherry red to unleash ruin and destruction upon the hapless townsfolk! They may plead and beg for their precious world to remain unchopped and unstomped, but I am here to bring change and growth, no matter how painful the original stomp may prove!

Rargh! Chomp chomp stomp stomp!