Words are funny things. You think you understand what one means, and then it squiggles in your grasp, zigs when you expected it to zag, and a world of permutations reveals itself. Compact and impact. I understand these words to mean small, tightly compressed, and to collide, to hit. Yet where in those definitions is their obvious relation to each other? Obloquy. Axiom. Pullulate. Motile vs. mobile. So many words, one wishes that their learning could be more exact, that there were courses that put you through your paces, that a discipline could be formed wherein this ocean could be tamed, and a deeper and more penetrating insight cultured.

Alas, there is not, or if there was when I was growing, I missed the opportunity to take advantage of it.

Worse yet, certain words continue to defy my ability to use them, despite a techinical understanding of their meaning. Palimpsest being a prime example.

Ah, the paucity of the mind!