When I was a kid I loved the movie Spaceballs. It was the ne plus ultra of fine comedy, better than Starwars, plus it had John Candy in it and the Princess was hot. How brilliant, how witty, how sophisticated! I used to bore my friends to death by delightedly explaining each gag and why it was funny while we watched the move. “See? The ship just keeps going! It’s hilarious! It shouldn’t be that long, but it’s still going! Watch! Are you watching? Look, it’s still going! This kills me! Wow!”

I was not only very popular as a child, but also very excitable, given my proclivity for exclamation marks.

But it was all in good fun, and too goofy to ever take seriously. Who would ever design a Mr. Coffee machine that would resemble a radar? Who would ever build a spaceship that could turn into a maid? Who would ever bottle air to sniff at in the privacy of your own office?

Check out the clip:

Haha, good times. How silly, how fun, how innocent! And then today, while trawling the web, I came across this article. I kid you not. “Because of increased pollution and the continued destruction of our forests, you might not always be getting the oxygen you need for your active lifestyle.” Big Ox is the entity selling this. Man. I wish their execs had been there when I was a kid. We could have sat down and watched Spaceballs together. And I could have explained to them why it was a joke.