I just saw this film, seated in the dark at the back of the movie theater, my girfriend’s hand clenched in mine. I don’t know how long the move was – a couple of hours? I lost track. Lost track of everything. This movie is brilliant. I can’t think of enough superlatives. It’s everything I could have asked for, dreamt of, wished in a perfect movie. Sublime. From the smallest details to the broad strokes, from the contrasts to the resonances – I loved it. I loved it I loved it I loved it.

Classic tropes taken and made fresh, seen through the dark glass of adult eyes. The presence of true villainy and heroism, the tangible despair and defiant hope.

Green whorls and three tasks and the alien, beautiful, terrible face of the faun. A violence so graphic it grounds the faerie, a tale so simple it echoes with richness, a movie capable of beauty, of terror, of haunting depths of human emotion.

I would write more, but the hour is late, and for now, I wish to simply dwell in the creative afterglow. To marvel at the experience I just had. To let me eyes unfocus, and let the movie replay in my mind, each scene, each moment, each image and emotion.