Ok, I think I cracked that scene. The trick was to open up a new file in Notepad, and write it fresh in one burst instead of editing it in Word. Also, sometimes writing in Notepad allows me to turn off my inner critic, my censoring personal editor, who hovers over my shoulder when I work in Word. It’s as if Word is too official, with the entirety of the file open before me, all 150 pages of it, and whatever I enter into the crisp white page has to be perfect. Whereas Notepad is a place for me to fool around, crude and basic, no need for formatting or spell checking. The pressure is suddenly off, and if I don’t like what I come up with I can just close it down and it’s gone. It’s like Notepad is this special outside bubble that I can escape to, beyond the border of serious writing, a neutral zone beyond the ability of any political body to control.

So. I went there, wrote it up, and am satisfied with the result. Not brilliant, but it’s a step in the right direction. And as the kamikaze pilots were prone to scream as they dive bombed towards the enemy ships, “Every journey of a thousand li begins with one step!!!!”