I’m not quite done with Crude Sunlight yet, but I’ve already begun to work on something new. Something interesting, strange, challenging, and wholly unlike my first novel. I’ve got some final edits to make on CS, need to mess around with the prologue and epilogue, need to beef up the cops and modulate some of the characters, but overall I’m there, so close I can smell it. And irony of ironies, just as I come within sight of the finish line, round the last curve, stride lengthening out for my last burst, I espy a detour, a completely new road that leads through a clockwork kingdom, all gleaming brass and cogs and tick-tock toys gone mad.

It’s just frelling great to have a new project on the table. To unleash my mind once more, to remove the fetters and constraints of CS and let things run riot. Amok. I’ve begun a scrap book, have already filled some 5 pages with pictures, thoughts, notes and sketches. So much to think, create, research. Ah! To have fresh work once more. Brilliant.