You know the kind of night I’m talking about, when you’re full of energy and want to get into trouble, mix it up and have a beer or seven. Your friends are hitting the town and you’re up for joining them, going from one dark bar to a second hole in the wall, people singing and yelling and knocking tables over. Street lights smeared on the pavement and people running across the road as you yell and try to find out where you friend went and then give them up for lost and find another. Dancing and laughing and another beer and somebody giving you the eye down the length of the bar and you’re feeling young and tops and bloody alive and wish the night could go on forever. This is the kind of music that gets things going, that gets me into trouble:

The Fratellis: Chelsea Dagger

Primal Scream: Country Girl

What songs do you guys listen to when you’re about to hit the town and want to get revved up?