Hit Chapter 11 hard tonight. Started off slow, feeling my way, but then I put on Halloween Alaska, and the yearning, melancholy, introspective sound helped me find the tone for the chapter and I was off. I hammered out some 4,000 words before I sat back, worn out. I know where the rest of the chapter is going, and might have pressed on were I not so beat. I’ll finish it tomorrow, another 4,000 words I think. Then it’s on to Chapter 12, the big final Chapter, the climax. If I can finish that, I have the denouement, and I’m done.


I’ll need to decide then what to do. Begin my rewrite, and send out a finished second draft to friends to read, or send it out straight away in a desire to get some confirmation after all these lonely months?

I don’t know. I have a low level of excitement building though. Muted, quiet, but there, thrumming beneath the surface. I can do this thing, I can finish this book, I can see it through. It’s tenable. I’m close, I’m so close, and if people like it, if things go well, then who knows?

But first things first. Finish Chapter 11. The final, massive, climatic Chapter 12, and then the wrap up. I’m thinking two weeks at most. Two weeks, and I’ll have finished.

Wish me luck.