Last night Michael Huckabee won the Iowa Caucus with 34.4% of the delegate support. Pictured in the mug shot above is his son, David Huckabee, arrested in April 2007 for attempting to take a Glock handgun through airport security. David is Michael Huckabee’s eldest son. I was sickened to discover that this young man was expelled from a Boyscout Camp for killing a stray dog.

According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, David and his friend Clayton Frady caught a stray dog, hung it by the neck from a tree branch, and then proceeded to slit its throat and stone it to death.

Later, in an interview given with his father present, David claimed that he did so because the dog was emaciated and looked like it had mange.

David was expelled from the Boy Scouts, but he was not convicted of animal cruelty. Eight months later Michael Huckabee fired the prosecutor who brought animal cruelty charges against his son.

Look into David Huckabee’s eyes and imagine him stoning a dog as it hangs jerking and twitching from a tree branch, its throat cut and legs kicking spasmodically. Ask yourself what kind of person could commit such a monstrous act of senseless cruelty.

Then turn your eyes to the winner of last night’s Republican election in Iowa.

Ask yourself: what manner of man is Mike Huckabee to have raised such a boy?