Finished Chapter 12 of Unreal City, putting me at 20,000 words. Yukon, Ho!

Walking through my neighborhood yesterday, I overheard the following exchange. It was early afternoon, and two guys about my age caught up with me just as a third who was flamboyantly using a walking stick crossed our paths. I was off to one side, but still heard what they said to each other:

Guy#1: What happened to you?
Guy#3: I slipped and fell in some pussy.
Guy#2: Ha!

Everybody walked on, and the guy with the walking stick leaving the scene.

Guy#2: That guy’s trade is in ass.
Guy#3: Which is amazing because he is so ugly. He looks like sperm.
Guy#2: I know. It is going to be the next episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

They both laughed loudly at this, and then crossed the street, heading off at an oblique angle.

I then went to a coffee shop and had an iced coffee while reading Cormac McCarthy’s Cities of the Plain. Seated on a stool, elbows on the marble counter, I read a scene where some cowboys were gathered by a bar drinking whiskey and trying to decide which whore they each want to sleep with. The dialog was hilarious, and featured an exchange where one sought to dissuade the second from his choice by stating that, “She looks like her face caught fire and they beat it out with a rake.” OUCH. Going to have to remember that one.

Also, while listening to Pandora last week I noticed that I kept flagging songs by The Eames Era, to the point where I decided to actually buy their album. The songs are upbeat, indie-pop, and the lead singer Ashlin Phillips has ‘tasty, meringue-like vocals’ as they put it themselves. Some of the tracks blend into each other, but my favorites thus far are Got Your Note, Go To Sleep, and Pay Attention. I’d put up some music videos for you guys to delectate over, but I can’t find any. They’re that cutting edge! Or my searching skills simply suck that much.

Post Script: Talk Talk is also now a favorite song of mine. And Feist and Spoon are both going to be playing in Brooklyn this month. Awesome!