I attended author Meg Gardiner’s book signing in a downtown B&N last night, and had a great time, no small part due to the fact that I’ve been an avid reader of her blog for ages now, and was looking forward to actually meeting her. You may recognize her from the article Steven King wrote in Entertainment Weekly awhile back, wherein he puzzled over the fact that no American publisher had picked her up yet. Shortly thereafter, and due to his advocacy, Dutton Publishers bought the rights to publish her books in the States, and everything’s been just grand for her ever since.

I’ve written a post over at the Penguin blog recounting the event, so head over and take a look if you’re curious!

Here, by the way, is a picture I took while Meg was describing to us how to seize fame and fortune: “By it’s neck,” she said, “You grab it by the neck.”