He’s been with us for three nights and two days now, and I think it’s going to work out just great. Simon is a very serious little dog, shy and timid and absolutely craving affection and love. He pads after me as I go from kitchen to living to bedroom, pausing by my feet whenever I stop to look up at me, eyes wide. Grace and I have discovered that he doesn’t care for toys; we bought him a couple of things such as tug-of-war ropes and squeaky balls and he just ignores them as if they don’t exist, moving close to where we stand or sit and gazing into our faces.

It’s almost heart breaking. Three years of being ignored and chained to a tree have left him parched for love and unable to run for more than five minutes before getting exhausted. I’ve taken him to the park each day, and after running next to me for a minute or two he starts to drag and then refuses to leave the next puddle of shade. Poor little guy just hasn’t had any exercise.

We’d heard horror stories about the first few days with a rescue dog–incessant barking, the chewing on furniture and shoes, separation anxiety, the tendency to urinate and poop everywhere–you have to be ready for a lot in the beginning. Simon, however, has been the soul of discretion and good behavior. He hasn’t peed or pooped inside. He goes to his dog bed when it’s time to crash, and sleeps through the night (admittedly he always insinuates his snout through the crack in our door to check on us as we go to sleep, but then pads back to his corner and knocks out). He doesn’t chew, gnaw, or make a mess, he eats his food without any problem, and when I work on the computer he either sits by the door and gazes outside or goes to his dog bed and crashes.

Anyways, here’s a shot of him today at the park. A couple of hours just vanished as we let him off the leash and he snooped around, sniffing and startling at the larger dogs.